ShareCash Downloader v2.0

–>DOWNLOAD<– (password: sharecashsucks) ☆Updated new premium accounts and rotating proxies for September☆ ☆More people added to banlist☆ Yes, I know I mispelled “” — Thanks for everyone’s support! I am glad to release my final version… ShareCash Downloader v2.0! It now has an auto update function, so that you won’t ever have to download a new version again. This new release also […]


We are up again folks. Sorry for the huge delay. Technically I’m not breaking any law. By the way, I know that some of you out there are still trying to download more than 10 files a day. Let me remind you that you will be permanently banned. No, not just only IP banned, but your HWID (hardware ID) as […]

ShareCash Downloader v1.9

— ShareCash Downloader v1.9 is out! I am glad to announce that ShareCash actually made their security weaker. Let’s just say that we can now download twice as much without being under suspicion! Thank you supporters! Sadly, I barely had enough to buy two more servers to support the amount of users now. I probably have to start charging people […]

Top 3 Methods To Earn On Autopilot

Ever wondered how some ShareCash users earn 5$ or more every day just by autopilot and without much work? Many of them use their own unique methods to promote their files, but many users also use pretty simple standard methods that everyone can copy easily. Here are the three easiest 5$-a-day methods: #1– YouTube: Make about 10 new YouTube accounts with […]