(password: sharecashsucks)

☆Updated new premium accounts and rotating proxies for September☆

☆More people added to banlist

sharecash downloader 2011

Yes, I know I mispelled “sharecash.org”

ShareCash Reflector

Thanks for everyone’s support! I am glad to release my final version… ShareCash Downloader v2.0!

It now has an auto update function, so that you won’t ever have to download a new version again. This new release also comes with my new tool, ShareCash Reflector, which now accurately shows the original ShareCash URL from a mirror site.

ShareCash Downloader v2.0 will allow you to download 10 files from ShareCash a day since I have included hundreds of built-in rotating USA proxies and a handful of premium 1 month accounts!

Additionally, I’ve upgraded my server to handle more requests, which means my proxies and accounts probably won’t ever get banned, even with over 36k users now.


[x]Upgraded the 8 Servers’ Bandwiths

[x]10 Downloads/day

[x]Auto Update

[x]New, Simple Design

[x]ShareCash Reflector

[x]New Built-in 1 Month Premium Accounts (Rotating)

[x]New Built-in USA Proxies (Rotating)<–


(password: sharecashsucks)